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"For God so loved . . ."

Love Month

February is “Library Lovers Month” declared by one group! Along with that comes a whole list of February activities. Not to mention VALENTINES DAY. For some like our daughters occupation; National School Counseling Week TM. Along with Black History Month, Heart Health Month, Nation Wild-birds Feeding Month, including Darwin Day celebrations and last most certainly least National Condom Month!

For God so loved . . .”
Gospel of John 3:16

The anti Christian portion of all societies would point to Lent, Easter and of course Christmas as purely Christian recognition. In our U.S. Societies that same segment proclaims and protests that the christian faith leaves them out. Thus we find all of these other things to recognize and celebrate.
My point here is the christian portion of the world and the U. S. are not the only people that care for others! I have to check myself often that I am not the best example of some one that cares for others. I do not know the psychology of us humans yet we seem to have an innate gene of self, “I” and “me.” I (see the first person here) noticed in our little children and then with our grandchildren we didn't need to teach them selfishness! “MINE”!

It seems we have to learn compassion or we would be destined to a life of selfishness. And it does permeate much of many societies even now including many confessing conspicuously religious.

Concern for others [brotherly love] is laced through out the old testament but for that portion of society that has pushed for less religious or christian influence in our daily lives. Worship all you want but just do it in private and the Christian population mostly capitulated letting crosses to be removed from public view and taking away nativity scenes from any city, county, state or federal location thus taking Christian influence out our public arena.

Bible expositor Finis Dake notes 102 verses in the New Testament that the writers used the word “love.” I won't get into translations from Hebrew, Greek or Latin words used but simply translated to our English word “love.” Wikipedia uses this translation, deepest interpersonal affection and one may use this meaning when reading the Bible without missing the writers emphasis with ones relation to others.

I am afraid or more over I feel I have observed that in the void with the Ten Commandments and the other Biblical influences having been removed from the prominence in our society a selfish love drained into the void.
My kind of love is a better than yours! If you love Me, you won't judge me! Parents have heard this one even before we allowed the Bibles to be taken out of our schools; “If you loved me you'd let do that!, go there!” In that void also seeped in My religion is better than yours, radical faiths began to come and float like a scum in stagnate pool. Radical ISIS sprung from the void with violence for the “love of Allah” exterminating all they decide do not Love as they do.

Add to this discussion the Judaeo-Christian belief in a caring Creator, a living, loving and forgiving Ruler of the Universe. How can we “mere mortals” as C. S. Lewis refers to us, understand His Love. The Bible says that “His ways aren't our way and our ways aren't His ways.” this brings me back St. John's Gospel chapter three verse sixteen: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

In all honesty, I can't comprehend that kind of “love.” I accept it, I place my faith in the “life,” “death” and “Resurrection”! Yet I don't understand it, I mean that kind of love. I love my family, I understand the love I have for my wife, my love for our children (the same as for my wife only different) My sisters, I love them because they are my kin and friendship, I have a buddy we grew up, graduated high school, got drafted, lived in different states, got married, had children, 60 plus years and every time we see each other or talk on the phone it is like our last visit was yesterday. Another kind of love and I understand it.

A Creator so loving, a sacrifice so great, a Savior so willing, it is beyond me.

Matthew Henry in the seventeen hundreds put it this way;
The Son of man is lifted up, as the serpent of brass was by Moses, which cured the stung Israelites. 1. It was a serpent of brass that cured them. Christ is the same. Christ, who was made sin for us and yet knew no sin; was made in the likeness of sinful flesh and yet not sinful; as harmless as a serpent of brass. The serpent was a cursed creature; Christ was made a curse. That which cured them reminded them of their plague; so in Christ sin is set before us most fiery and formidable. 2. It was lifted up upon a pole, and so must the Son of man be lifted up; thus it behoved him, Lu. 24:26, Lu. 24:46 . No remedy now. Christ is lifted up, (1.) In his crucifixion. He was lifted up upon the cross. His death is called his being lifted up, ch. 12:32, ch. 12:33 . He was lifted up as a spectacle, as a mark, lifted up between heaven and earth, as if he had been unworthy of either and abandoned by both. (2.) In his exaltation. He was lifted up to the Father’s right hand, to give repentance and remission; he was lifted up to the cross, to be further lifted up to the crown. Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete)

Happy Love month.
You choose your reason to celebrate.
I'll accept if you choose the other reasons to celebrate Love in February as long as no one insists that I not share openly about this Divine Love.


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essay writing help on Friday, March 02, 2018 8:46 AM
God will save you,the national condom month and making the great christmas celebrations always and innate noticed the chances. Great view and capitulated nativity and crosses more interpersonal religious.
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dissertation service uk on Saturday, July 14, 2018 12:49 PM
It's a great month for all of us. It's great if you have somebody to love.
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