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If you take one step, God will take two

God will take Two

If you will take one step, God will take Two

In St. Luke 19 we see Zacchaeus just out of curiosity climbed a tree to see this man Jesus of Nazareth some call Christ , the Messiah or Savior. Let me point out the Scripture tells us that Zacchaeus was short (Vrs.3) so it took him some effort to get through the crowd and then some struggle to climb the tree. Jesus passing by looked up and said “I must stay at your house” knowing that Zacchaeus was only curios yet put out much effort Jesus made Himself part of his life. Zacchaeus took the first step, Jesus took the next step looking up saying “come down” the second step was abiding with him that day.


In St. Matthews Gospel Chapter 8 Vrs. 5-7 there came to Jesus a Roman soldier asking not for himself but his servant who he explained lay grievously sick and tormented. (the Centurion took one step)

In vrs. 7 Jesus did more than the soldier expected saying, “I will come and heal him.” Jesus took two steps without hesitation, Jesus was willing to go. The soldier being a man of authority in charge of other men, he explained “I say go or come, they come or do this, they do.” (Vrs. 9) The soldiers request was “say the word and my servant will be healed.” Christ marveled at so “great Faith” then said “go thy way and as thou hast believed, so be it done unto the” and his servant was healed in the same hour! (Vrs.13)


In St. John Chapter 11 is the story of Lazarus, he had two sister whom Jesus had visited earlier now Jesus receives word that His friend was ill. The sisters Mary and Martha took one step.

Jesus delayed his return for two days upon their arrival they learned Lazarus had been dead four days. After comforting them with words of resurrection and eternal life some talked among themselves, had Jesus not healed the lame, deaf and the blind? Healing the leper and those sick of palsy? Had He been here would He not have healed His friend Lazarus? Surly Mary and Martha walking with Jesus to the four day old grave of their brother expected a eulogy. Upon their arrival Christ commanded they roll away the stone that covered the entrance to where Lazarus lay. In astonishment, Martha said, “by now he stink. (Vrs.39) Now with words of encouragement Christ prayed, then said, “Lazarus come forth.”

Jesus Christ did more than they expected. He took one step in coming to comfort them. He took two steps in raising Lazarus from the grave.


And he that was dead came forth. (Vrs.44)

Zacchaeus only expected to see Jesus who he was. Christ went and “stayed with him.”

The soldier expected only that Christ command the the servant be healed, yet at the centurions request, Christ said “I will come.”

Mary and Martha expected only comfort from Christ's presence, but their brother was raised from death.


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Our life was given by our Creator from heaven. And we could not owe it for a long time because it is just temporary. That is why during our existence in this world we must take one step to God, so that He will take two towards us. He is always there above us, watching and guiding us along our journey. Though there were times that we think that He is not there with us, He is just letting us take action with all our capabilities. So as much as possible, we must take one step to God so He will take two towards us.
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