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The "bad guy"

The "bad guy" isn't the other guy

Our enemy isn't the "rich guy" or the minority that "looks different" or "lives different"! It is not the left or right! Our enemies aren't the protestant or Catholic or even the "Muslim."

With shootings like the most recant night cub shutting, evil raises it's or “his” ugly head. I to try to make sense of all of it, the truth is we can't make sense of “evil”!

In an effort to make sense of it some blame God, in the case of the shootings others blame “guns” (If there wasn't any guns, there couldn't be killings by guns) Sadly before guns were invented mankind found even more heinous way to maim and kill one another. Genghis Khan is estimated to have killed some 40 million people by large-scale massacres.

The enemy of mankind is the devil in Bible. The Book of Job comes to mind.

what the devil does is put evil thoughts and evil intent into the minds of individuals

The Bible expositor Finis J. Dake put together a list of ways to recognize satan's {capitalization omitted} dealing:

lies, father of lies, teach lies, live like sinner, compromise truth, greedy & lazy, deals falsely, deceitful, sinful, encourage sin, commits adultery, selfish, unfaithful, covetous, teaches doctrine of men, works iniquity, causes division, corrupts truth, hypocrisy, denies Christ, imitates Christianity.! (Finis Dake)

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review of on Monday, March 11, 2019 10:32 AM
The real bad guy in our society is ourselves. Our actions reflect our soul therefore if we do something that isn’t right, we are the bad guy of ourselves. It is not about religion, beliefs, or even status that the people commit mistakes. The bad guy is when we didn’t accept our wrongdoings and just keep on pretending that we are right. Always remember that it is important to accept mistakes for it is the key to learning and escaping the bad guy of ourselves.
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